Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bubble, bubble, bubble, bloop

This week was break. Yay! Every night I have been studying so when Megan said I should come with her to garden crest to hang out, I almost didn't go. But the awesome people who live there won out. When I walked in they were all busy cleaning the house. As we migrated to the kitchen/living room, I heard a scream. Ellen dashed out of their closet with her hand over her mouth and stammered that there was a mouse in there. It was barely caught in a trap by only it's foot. As it struggled to free itself, it squeaked mournfully. Since I had just said I had once squished a mouse with a two by four, I was designated to kill the thing. I carried it, hanging by its foot, to the bathroom where I was told to "flush it." After it had dropped into the toilet, we slammed the lid and flushed. I opened it to check to see if we had succeeded, but it was still there. I tried to get it to go down, even used the plunger to force it down, but it wouldn't budge. The little bugger was going for the long haul. Since we weren't getting anywhere, we let the toilet fill up and Ellen, Megan, and I watched it swim laps. Eventually, it sunk down a little and blew out a three bubbles. I said "I think it's dead." But then it swam again to the surface to try a little longer. Enraptured, we spectators watched the toilet like it was a colosseum where the Christians were sacrificed. Some sympathetic but too worried top share the same fate, others just waiting for the pest to be eliminated, and the rest watch carefully from the side lines. At long last there was a stillness that overcame the little mouse. Bubble, bubble, bubble, bloop... And he sunk to the bottom curled into a little ball. (Flush) the torment was over, and I washed my hands (literally) of the deed and germs. Poor little fella never had a chance... Such is life, but maybe I f he had been born into a pet store he could have had a happier life, but instead his blessing was a short time of freedom. Let it be said of him that He fell for something good, fought valiantly, and died relatively fast. RIP mouse....

Sunday, October 7, 2012 normal

I'm back at school now. Have been for a while i guess, but time this year has gone by so much faster. I spent the first several weeks learning the faces and names of all the new students, helping them adjust and also myself. I am a senior!!! Awesome, i know, but with this new level of achievement comes a lot of responsibility.  In short, i support everything here. Even if i don't like it, i will be a positive influence because my negativity can influence a lot of people's attitude too. During senior survival i think all of my classmates got a lot closer together, and we're on our way to an awesome year. Although as a whole we may be quite a "realist" class, we are trying to be positive. On that note, i don't think there will be any problematic relationships inside our class. And that's really sayin' something. We all miss those of us like Katie S., Saraiah, Andrew S. and Nateesha that have left for other places like College or other academies. Everyone pray that this year will be a blessing to the whole school.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Winter Campout

 On the first weekend of March 2012, a group of about twenty students and staff had a campout up near Joffre Lakes in British Columbia. The snow was wonderfully deep, but at 40 degrees F, it was a little warm. We set up camp on friday afternoon. It consisted of a large eating area dug down to ground level, which was maybe 7-8 feet below the snow, to provide a place out of the wind. We didn't sleep in a cabin or even tents-we all dub down into the snow and made snow cave like things. My shelter-mate and I made a "tree well" shelter that uses the natural hole around a tree as a tunnel down to the ground, then you dig holes into the snow bank at ground level just big enough for you body to slide lengthwise into. It's a pretty "cool" experience if you don't do it right. I'd say mine was half way effective.... On Sabbath we took a hike across Joffre Lake towards the glacier. Because of the early sunset and the rain, we didn't make it all the way. We did make it past the avalanche area though. When we headed back to camp, everyone was cold because we were wet, either from the rain or sweat. Overall, the voting census was to pack up that night and go home because it was too warm and our shelters would be melting. That night was a blast! We took the plastic from our shelter roofs and piled all our packs and snow shoes on it, then sat on the top to slide down the hill to the bus. Over and over again we slid down the hill in the dark, screaming and laughing :). Even though we had to leave early, it was well worth the cold, rain, wind, and awkward snow shoes.
Joffe Lake surroundings

Just past our campsite we pulled over to use to the outhouse for the last time that weekend.

Heather Ueeck

Katie Sloop--Best bud 

Girls latrine--dug by Katie Sloop, Amaris Benardo, and I

View from my tree well shelter

trees--go figure

Andrew Donesky

Ben Deitel and Courtney Calvert


Heather Ueeck and Britany Learned

Wayanne Watson

Stephen Fujimoto
Joffre Lake with the glacier in the distance

The avalanche (It looks a LOT smaller than it is...)

Joffre Lake from the opposite side

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Pastor Jorge Baute

 This past friday afternoon I watched my old pastor, Pastor Jorge Baute, give a live sermon on OHA live. It was really an engaging, interesting, and wonderful sermon. I was really blessed.  Here are a few shots from the sermon. If you don't figure it out, it was on relationships--his favorite topic aside from the sanctuary :). Anyway, I'll apologize now to anybody from my school that may not find this a timely post... but it is what it is. Hope you enjoy.

 This next slide includes our own church, if they don't accept the present truths.

 This next quote is probably one of the most powerful quotes he used.



 Best quote is next.
It's a lot to chew... but it can be done. Let's all work together to be more like God would have us to be.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Airport Scanners

Are you tired of airports being more like a strip club? Sign this petition. If you don't agree, just keep your shirt on.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Junior Shots

These are a few of my junior pictures that were taken by Sierra Buhler. Thanks so much, Sierra. :)


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Personal Artwork

These are a few drawings i have done at school. I don't have as much time as i would like for my hobbies, but it's life, right? I drew these from pictures i found (All of these are free hand drawings and i would appreciate it if you let me know if you want to copy my links.)
Wolf Howling
Wolf face drawing. 

Coffee/Tea modern art. I drew this one for my friend Mason since he loves tea so much, and it is the only piece of modern art i have ever done.

Hands drawing originally done by M. C. Escher. I drew this for my dad's birthday.