Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bubble, bubble, bubble, bloop

This week was break. Yay! Every night I have been studying so when Megan said I should come with her to garden crest to hang out, I almost didn't go. But the awesome people who live there won out. When I walked in they were all busy cleaning the house. As we migrated to the kitchen/living room, I heard a scream. Ellen dashed out of their closet with her hand over her mouth and stammered that there was a mouse in there. It was barely caught in a trap by only it's foot. As it struggled to free itself, it squeaked mournfully. Since I had just said I had once squished a mouse with a two by four, I was designated to kill the thing. I carried it, hanging by its foot, to the bathroom where I was told to "flush it." After it had dropped into the toilet, we slammed the lid and flushed. I opened it to check to see if we had succeeded, but it was still there. I tried to get it to go down, even used the plunger to force it down, but it wouldn't budge. The little bugger was going for the long haul. Since we weren't getting anywhere, we let the toilet fill up and Ellen, Megan, and I watched it swim laps. Eventually, it sunk down a little and blew out a three bubbles. I said "I think it's dead." But then it swam again to the surface to try a little longer. Enraptured, we spectators watched the toilet like it was a colosseum where the Christians were sacrificed. Some sympathetic but too worried top share the same fate, others just waiting for the pest to be eliminated, and the rest watch carefully from the side lines. At long last there was a stillness that overcame the little mouse. Bubble, bubble, bubble, bloop... And he sunk to the bottom curled into a little ball. (Flush) the torment was over, and I washed my hands (literally) of the deed and germs. Poor little fella never had a chance... Such is life, but maybe I f he had been born into a pet store he could have had a happier life, but instead his blessing was a short time of freedom. Let it be said of him that He fell for something good, fought valiantly, and died relatively fast. RIP mouse....

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